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Events - Upcoming and Ongoing

Updates: October 2023

Post pandemic life has been crazy in the Canine world. Dogs adopted, dogs returned. Dogs purchased and then surrendered to shelters. Canine Counsel has taken a new direction with new staff. My long standing assistant has now flocked the nest. We all wish her the best of luck with all her new endeavours. I have been running the company with more of a downsized staff but have been focusing more on the "ASAP" dogs. As we charge towards the end of the year I want us all to be grateful for our pups and also if you need help I am always a call or a text away. We have a few dogs available for adoption and we are now looking to place them as soon as we can to open more space for dogs that need help. Appointments are still continuing on across the east coast. So if you need help please do not hesitate to call or text.

Throughout the year I run group classes at different times. We start with a pack walk through the trails and then work in the field on any issues that need to be dealt with. This class welcomes reactive dogs, no matter what the issue is. We address all types of issues in a controlled environment. Every class is different, but we always have a great time. Feel free to join us and see what we are all about! It is a zero commitment $25 donation class. Check FB each week to confirm day and time.


Every Sunday - Blydenburgh Park on Rt. 347 4pm to 5:30pm

Free Open Training clinic

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